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Dyslexia Presentations & Trainings

The International Dyslexia Association Oregon is pleased to offer outreach and professional development throughout Oregon and SW Washington.

Over the past five years, our presentations have been offered as in-service programs for educators at all levels of K-12 private and public schools.  Additionally, we have addressed university faculty and students, mental health counselors, public library programs, service clubs, and parent organizations.  With groups ranging in size from 10-150 participants, ORBIDA has reached over 3000 participants in Oregon and SW Washington.  

We are pleased to announce that our training has been approved by The Oregon Department of Education as meeting the focus area of Understanding and Recognizing Dyslexia, as described in Senate Bill 612/1003.

ORBIDA is able to tailor presentations to the size and background of your audience and to the physical facilities of your meeting location.  Simulation volunteers have included psychologists, educators, reading specialists, structured language/multisensory tutors, individuals with dyslexia, and parents

of children with learning disabilities.  We recommend two to four hours to be allotted for most programs.

Dyslexia Training  

Oregon Department of Education Approved

Dyslexia Training Opportunity for teachers and any interested stakeholder who wants to help Oregon students reach their full potential.

Focus Area of Training:  Understanding and Recognizing Dyslexia

Time:  4 Hours

Overview:  Participants will experience a simulation of the dyslexic learner, and engage in an informative, interactive presentation on understanding and recognizing dyslexia.  

Components addressed:

  • Definition of Dyslexia
  • Prevalence of Dyslexia
  • Common Co-Morbid Exceptionalities
  • Neurological Aspects of Dyslexia
  • Typical Reading Development
  • Indicators of Dyslexia by Age/Grade Level
  • Overview of Screenings/Assessment for Dyslexia
  • Power of Early Intervention
  • Overview of Accommodations
  • Assistive Technology
  • Common Dyslexia Myths /Misconceptions

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“This was a great reminder for me. I have several students who struggle with this along with learning English! This is also great perspective for more patience working with my own son and his assignments.”

“The simulations were a great way to show teachers what students with dyslexia feel/experience.”

“I could definitely feel empathy toward people who struggle with dyslexia. I also felt guilty of saying some of the same things the presenters were saying when I was struggling to complete the tasks.”

“After this morning’s simulations, I feel even greater of a need to ensure that I am providing the BEST support that I can for the students that I case manage as they access their general education courses. I wish we
had more training sessions like this… so meaningful!”

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