#StayAtHome with Dyslexia

Resources for Education during Distance Learning

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For parents, teachers and specialists seeking learning materials in these ever-changing times, we offer some options for distance learning with dyslexia. These resources are curated by our mission partners and other organizations to complement what your school district will provide students.  The resources provided are intended for general informational purposes only, and are not intended to be a substitute for your school education.

Kids don’t need life to be perfect, but they do need it to be predictable and orderly.  While for many, daily routines seem uncertain right now; your kids still need YOU to give them a sense of order.  Let them know, even if it is for just a few days at a time, that you have a family plan.  Kids are far more flexible than adults and can adapt and adjust as long as they understand that there is a plan. Work with them to find a way to map their days, create a schedule, or create a calendar.  When they know that YOU are not out of control, they won’t feel like their world is out of control.   Examples:

  Step 2:  Explore ONLINE TUTORING

  Step 3:  Reference ONLINE RESOURCES

Touch-Type Reading
Typing Club
Dance Mat Typing BBC


Foundations in Learning

Haskins Global Literacy Hub - Literacy in the age of Neuroscience

Online Museums

Decodable Books


  Step 4:  Follow SOCIAL MEDIA








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