You Are Not Alone


You Are Not Alone started officially in 2016 when a group of IDA Oregon Branch students came up with the idea on a trip to the IDA Conference in Florida.

Sarah Jones (a Student Empowerment member) and Shelbe Park (IDA-Oregon Student Empowerment Panel founder/adviser), were discussing different options on how to show support and Sarah thought that even though we can’t change dyslexia or make it easier for a student in school, we can help make them feel that they are not alone with dyslexia. The other students in the group voted and it became our motto.

Parents, tutors, teachers, or other students are encouraged to submit students who are in need of personal inspiration and a physical reminder that they are not alone and will receive a supportive hand written note and a wristband.

Once students receive the wristband, we encourage them to take a picture of their arm with the wristband or take a picture of the wristband on something meaningful or important to them and post to social media.

You Are Not Alone Bracelet Request

  • Request "You Are Not Alone" Card & Wristband


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