Jared Blank was only five years old when he realized something was different. He was having trouble learning to read, holding a pencil, using scissors, and tying his shoes. As it turned out, Jared had dyslexia, and he still does. With the help of his family, friends, teachers, and mentors, Jared learned to see his learning obstacles as opportunities. He also pursued sports and running as a way to excel, express himself, and help others. Click HERE for more information on Jared Blank and Running the Distance

In writing his book, Jared hopes that sharing his challenges and experiences with school, work, and the World Marathon Challenge will inspire others who struggle to run their own distance and know that they do not have to do it alone. Support Jared’s mission to raise awareness for dyslexia worldwide.

All profits from book sales are 100% donated to IDA.  Keep paying it forward!


Checking in with a past RTD student scholarship winner!

2020 Scholarship Winner update! Running the Distance (RTD) Scholarships helps support student success stories like this one 🙂 School - Oregon State University I was diagnosed with dyslexia in second grade and although it has been a challenge, I now consider it to be one of my greatest strengths because ...
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GO RED for Dyslexia!

Reclaiming RED The dreaded red, which we’ve all seen throughout our education. The red marker used to highlight the mistakes with our work is all too familiar for dyslexics around the world. Dyslexia groups have chosen red in order to take back its meaning and globally promote dyslexia awareness in ...
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Purchase Running the Distance Book!

Grab a copy of Running the Distance from the International Dyslexia Association bookstore. All profits from book sales are 100% donated to IDA. Keep paying it forward! Jared Blank was only five years old when he realized something was wrong. He could already tell that he wasn’t like everyone else ...
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Running the Distance Gear!

Grab some awesome Running the Distance apparel and support the Running the Distance Scholarship fund for local students. In addition, a portion will also go towards the support and safety of children with dyslexia at the Rare Gem Talent School Kenya. Purchase Merchandise For more information or support Rare Gem ...
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Running the Distance Audio Book now Available!

Running the Distance Audiobook now Available! The IDA - Oregon Branch is pleased to announce that Running the Distance is now available as an audiobook on both Google Play, and on Learning Ally. If you would like to "read with your ears," Running the Distance is available for download. All ...
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