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46th Spring Symposium



Saturday – April 16, 2022

8:30 am – 4:00 pm (Pacific Time)

This year’s conference will be held virtually via Zoom. All attendees will be emailed the Zoom link prior to the event.

This will be an online interactive Assessment Workshop.  When a child is struggling at school, you need to find out why. This symposium will explain how.  Spend the day with a private psychologist, Dr. Farrall, who specializes in the diagnosis of dyslexia and the various dyslexia profiles.  This workshop is for Educators, Parents, and other professionals that want to learn more about dyslexia assessments.

You will:

  • Learn to recognize several different dyslexia profiles
  • Discussions include dyslexia & comorbidities
  • Some common comorbidities with dyslexia: attention deficits, language impairments, dysgraphia, etc
  • Increase your knowledge in administering & writing assessments
  • Understand the difference between the Criterion-Referenced test & Norm-Referenced test
  • Additionally, we have the pleasure of hearing from Kareem Weaver, FULCRUM, in our closing remarks.

This all-day virtual conference will be recorded and available for viewing up to two weeks after the event with paid registration.


This event has finished.  Join us next year! 

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