January 22, 2022 9am-3pm This summit will explore the many ways Latinx learners can be better served at home and at school. Attendees will learn about the challenges of learning to read in English, how to distinguish between second language difficulties or Dyslexia, and how parents can support their children at home and at school. Esta cumbre explorará las muchas ...
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Checking in with a past RTD student scholarship winner!

2020 Scholarship Winner update! Running the Distance (RTD) Scholarships helps support student success stories like this one 🙂 School - Oregon State University I was diagnosed with dyslexia in second grade and although it has been a challenge, I now consider it to be one of my greatest strengths because it has taught me to not be afraid of challenges ...
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How to Teach Reading and Spelling, Bringing the Science of Reading into the Classroom (Jan-Apr 2022) – Remote Training!

How to Teach Reading and Spelling, Bringing the Science of Reading into the Classroom, a 32-hour course that dives deep into the practical application of the Science of Reading in the classroom. We are starting a new cohort (see attached flyer) and wanted to make sure that you know about it. This course will span 4 months on Zoom from ...
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Annual Report 2020

We are proud to reflect on a successful year and present to you the 2020 Annual Report for the International Dyslexia Association – Oregon Branch. Educate, Advocate and Inspire! Annual Report 2020 ...
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GO RED for Dyslexia!

Reclaiming RED The dreaded red, which we’ve all seen throughout our education. The red marker used to highlight the mistakes with our work is all too familiar for dyslexics around the world. Dyslexia groups have chosen red in order to take back its meaning and globally promote dyslexia awareness in a fun and positive way. Click Go RED for more ...
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