Nobody can fully appreciate what it’s like to be a student with dyslexia as well as another student with dyslexia. As a student in Oregon and Southwest Washington with dyslexia, there are opportunities to get involved in groups that advocate, empower, and educate the community.  The IDA-Oregon Student Empowerment Group for 8th-12th grades is a great way to meet peers in your area, socialize, and grow valuable leadership skills.  It is a social group and there is also an opportunity to join the Student Panel and share their personal experience with dyslexia in the classroom and in life.

You are Not Alone…Join Us!

The IDA Oregon Branch Student Empowerment Group started back in 2013 when Shelbe Park envisioned a group of dyslexic students who, by working together as a team, could have an opportunity to advocate for themselves and for others, to teachers, parents, and interested community groups. It quickly became clear that teachers and parents listened to these young adults’ stories and heard their pleas to be understood, far more succinctly than any lecture given by well-meaning adults!

They are an Award-Winning Student Panel that offers presentations on both their personal experience with dyslexia in the classroom and at home and offer an interactive Assistive Technology 101 presentation that immerses participants in the tools that support students with dyslexia.

Get a “You Are Not Alone” Bracelet!  Parents, tutors, teachers, or other students are encouraged to submit students who need personal inspiration and a physical reminder that they are not alone and will receive a supportive handwritten note and a bracelet. Click here for more info on YouAreNotAlone

Join Us! For more information on the Student Empowerment Group within IDA-Oregon…please contact studentcouncil@orbida.org.

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